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"Go Big or Go Home!"

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In a futuristic Brazil, performance-enhancing drugs have gone from behind-the-scenes banned substances to front-and-center game changers. The sports world as we know it has been revolutionized!

Nowhere is that more on display than inside Neo-Rio, a mega-city that serves as the home to the Fighters Ultimate Exhibition League (FUEL).  Men are becoming monsters in minutes as fighters are putting their lives on the line in the octagon.

Our story follows Rex Punga, a down on his luck farmboy-turned-MMA fighter. After a drug-fueled incident that nearly ends his career, Punga will attempt a comeback where he takes on, not only the behemoths in the ring, but the behemoth that is Big Pharma. But this time, he’s going to do it all the old school way: Naturally.

Evil Pharmaceutical companies! An uphill battle for redemption! The future of Brazilian MMA on the line! This truly will be the FIGHT OF THE CENTURY.