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Chuck D Presents Apocalypse 91: Revolution Never Sleeps (Softcover)

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What you get:

  • post-apocalyptic, afro futuristic, sci-fi tales from acclaimed Black creators
  • Over 100 pages
  • Original stories overseen and edited by Chuck D of Public Enemy
  • A commemorative sequel to the landmark album, Apocalypse 91
  • Comes in RexCo's 7 1/2  x 10 3/4 six-sided plastic toploader for maximum protection.
  • Includes a free bookmark by artist SMACK!
Apocalypse 91: Revolution Never Sleeps begins on the familiar backdrop of 1991 and explodes into far-flung futures with a series of speculative fiction stories by the industry's leading creators, including Evan Narcisse (Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales), Regine Sawyer (Dark Nights: Death Metal), Che Grayson (Batman: Urban Legends), Troy-Jeffrey Allen (All Caps), and many more!

Witness revolutionaries in every millennium stand up and fight the power with a little help from the rhythms and rebels of the past.

Released by Z2 Comics.
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