The AFROFUTURES Production Blog (3/14/24)

"Black History. Black Futures. Black Beyond."
- A great quote by me.

We're rolling forward and rolling hard on issue one of AFROFUTURES magazine. I keep seeing these slightly toxic but also motivating quotes about how "exhaustion" is an indicator that you are close to achieving your dreams. And, best believe, AFROFUTURES is my dream. Which is I'm making AFROFUTURES for a few reasons. All of them are selfish...

One reason in particular is that I think the current aesthetic and delivery method for comics are "anti-comic." What I mean by that is that too many comic books are told cinematically (there are definitely writers and artists that do that extremely well, though) or are made to sell you on the ancillary merchandise attached. for now, I just want to sell you on the experience that this magazine will give you. I'm trying to fill your plate in one sitting.
Part of how I plan to do that is by looking back to what I consider the strengths of the format. I'm over here reading EC Comics, Billy Graham comics, Heavy Metal Magazine, 2000AD progs, All-Negro Comics #1, Silver Age Marvel, etc. I'm really examining the satisfaction of shorter stories and chapter breaks, as well as bigger concepts and flatter colors -- and I'm taking note of the very necessary sensationalism of some of the older stuff.

This magazine is going backward to slingshot us into the future.

To better understand what I mean, take a look at the free download below. It's what I call the "AFROFUTURES Lookbook." An idea that I stole from the world of fashion, one of the various industries I'm looking at for inspiration. 
Click the cover below to save it to your device and read. 
AFROFUTURES is an annual comics + music magazine for ages 17+.

Troy-Jeffrey Allen
Writer | Media Relations | Producer


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