Nick Allen

Nick Allen Fight of the Century


Nick Allen (AKA Jon Jebus) is a writer, letterer, and proud patriarch from Baltimore, Maryland.

He has helped to produce, create, and/or self-publish several comic books including The C-Listers and the Kickstarter-funded projects: Giant Robot Warrior Maintenance Crew, and Fight Of The Century.

Jon is a huge fan of comics, martial arts, martial art movies and science fiction. He's also a student of traditional Wing Chun, and lover of puns.  After gaining his nerd street cred by earning a physics degree, he double-downed and got a second B.S. in simulation and digital entertainment (bka video games).

Currently, he is the co-founder of RexCo comics and enjoys a good meal, when he's not sitting in front of a computer ready to rip his hair out.  Contact Jon via email (, or troll him on Twitter (@gorexco).