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Fight of the Century: Remastered #1 (Preorder)

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Pre-order this Remastered Edition before it hits comic shops!

What's new:

  • A remastered edition of Fight of the Century #1
  • New colors
  • New additional scenes
  • New additional art 
  • A physical copy with 30+ Pages
  • Release date April 2023

CREED meets BAKI THE GRAPPLER meets FRANKENSTEIN in this biopunk body horror from Second Sight Publishing and RexCo!

In a futuristic Brazil, performance-enhancing drugs have revolutionized the world of MMA. Fighters are bigger, stronger, and faster than EVER! Two men - Brazil's Rex Punga and El Salvador's Diego Andrade - enter the octagon with the promise of blood-splattered glory! A drug-fueled incident during their match nearly kills Diego and sends Punga into hiding! However, in the dark corners of Neo-Rio, Brazil…a rematch is just one pill away.


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